Optical Micro Setting Courses


Who is it for?

Diamond Setting Course: Suitable for those in the jewellery manufacturing industry who are looking to improve their skills.



Course Itinerary & Price

Diamond Setting Course One weekend - Saturday to Sunday -10:00 – 18:00 totalling with a maximum of two students per course. £985.00 (+ VAT)

The limited number of a maximum two students per course will enable the tutor to give their undivided attention to the participants and ensure that they learn and develop their skills as much as possible.

During the lessons, students will be assisted with a screen tv to facilitate their understanding throughout the course.

You will be taught through demonstrations and be given examples of jewellery made with the skills you are learning. Support and advice by the tutor will be given throughout the course.

We also want to ensure that each lesson is tailored to the student’s specific needs depending on their experience in the jewellery industry trade.     

Tools to be used


Our students will be taught using microscopes, GraverMax, GRS benchmate and Jura tool/graver making is an integral part of our teaching. The tutor is always on hand to teach, guide and pass on their knowledge of intricate micro-setting.


The students will only need to take their notebooks to the courses, as the rest of the materials will be provided. Copper sheets, brass and copper rings, engravers, burrs etc

What will you learn?


This course will be tailored to your individual skills but mainly focused on pave setting, Flush setting and introduction to Castle / cut down.



   Introduction to Pave setting theory

   Tool sharping and preparation

   Micro-pave flat surface 

   Micro-pave setting on a ring

   Introduction to cut/down setting (depending on your progress)

Hotels nearby

The Bryson Hotel 


Premier Inn London St Pancras / Holborn / Farringdon 






Farringdon underground station - 6mins walk

 Holborn undergrad station - 12 mins walk

Chancery Lane station - 5 mins walk


From King’s cross St Pancras 46, 17, 63

From Holborn 8, 521, 234

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